Look good, feel good! Look good, feel good!

Enjoy the experience of a tailor made shirt just in few clicks !

About Us

tailorissimo.it was founded by two entrepreneurs who are passionate about fashion and online experience.

Our tag line 'Look good, feel good' means everything to us. We believe in the democratization of tailor made shirts thanks to the internet which shortens the distance between buyers and producers while providing a first class customer-oriented experience. We also believe that the experience with tailorissimo.it has to be hassle-free, simple and customer oriented. Furthermore, we believe in an economic model that gives back to society. Therefore for each shirt bought on tailorissimo.it, a donation to KIVA.org is done whereby tailorissimo.it supports micro for the development micro enterprises of people in need in Africa, Latin and South America, Asia and Middle East.

Even small donations can make a difference in the lives of people in need.

tailorissimo.it has its production operation in Ankara, Turkey. Other operations such as marketing or customer services are based in other European locations as well.

We maintain our offer with new products that are up-to-date in terms of colors, fabrics and model trends. Our customers can see the fabrics with detailed photos, real colors and on 3D models in real-life poses.

Our clients are men and women who are keen to wear a personally tailored shirt for business and casual occasions. Be it slim fit or loose, with cufflinks or not, with or without monograms, we give our clients the freedom to design a unique shirt, totally bespoke in term of design, details, colors and measurements. This will hopefully make them look good and feel good.

We are committed to satisfy our customers with first-class quality tailor made shirts at an affordable price where ever they are located in the world.

What makes us different?

  • You can create your own shirt and therefore your own style.
  • We give our customers just the right amount of fabric choices: not too small of a selection (not interesting), but not so many that you can't decide, either!
  • Seeing fabrics with detailed photos, real colors and on 3D models in real-life poses.
  • All shirts are tailor made individually. We don't compromise on quality and we are committed to our 100% fit guarantee.
  • We maintain our offer with new products that are up-to-date in terms of colors, fabrics and model trends.
  • Our shirts are tailor made individually with high quality fabrics and close attention. However, we aim to democratize the 'tailor-made experience' and we have managed to keep our prices reasonable without compromising on quality.
  • Standard delivery to any destination in Europe is included in our price.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

tailorissimo.it aims to satisfy its clients and members by offering a unique and first class online experience.

It is essential for us that our final product perfectly match your requirements and fit you perfectly while offering a simple, hassle-free online design experience. tailorissimo.it is committed to providing you with tailor-made shirts that will satisfy you completely

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Conditions:

  1. Every product ordered from tailorissimo.it is under %100 Satisfaction Guarantee
  2. According to our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee we will meet you requirements as defined during your order. We will ensure you that your order is prepared according to your fabric, cut, collar, sleeve etc. choices that are kept in our database. However, as all shirts are made on demand, problems may occur exceptionally. If there is any problem with a product you have bought from tailorissimo.it, the product will be reproduced according to your requirements after reception and verification of the already produced shirt and will be sent back to you a soon as possible.
  3. tailorissimo.it reserves the right to take necessary action in case of abuse of the 100%
  4. Satisfaction Guarantee offer.